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List of 106 passwords that BlackBerry will not let you use on their platform

  123456 12345678 123abc a1b2c3 aaaaaa abc123 abc123 abcdef amanda andrew angel asdfgh august avalon bandit barney baseball batman biteme brandy buster butthead calvin canada changeme chelsea coffee computer cowboy diamond donald dorothy dragon eeyore falcon fishing football freedom fuckme fuckyou gandalf george harley hello helpme hockey iloveyou internet jennifer jonathan jordan letmein maggie marina […]

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Hackers claim to have defeated Apple’s Touch ID print sensor

The Chaos Computer Club says it has bypassed the biometric security system by making a copy of a fingerprint photographed on a glass surface. A day after the iPhone 5S hit the streets, a group of hackers in Germany said they have bypassed the biometric security on Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint sensor by using […]

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Hacker confuses NASA for NSA, leaves anti-surveillance message on 14 sites

A hacker who took down 14 different Nasa websites may have confused the US space agency for the National Security Agency (NSA). The Brazilian hacker took down a range of sites run out of the Ames Research Centre, including and, leaving a message protesting against NSA surveillance, the war in Syria and, er, […]

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